Sunday, January 20, 2008

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Latest Updates and Reviews

I have here some update and reviews that might
be useful for you if your looking or already
a member of the following online earning sites.

These are not necessarily scams, but are
information that can be useful.

Paypal It seems that Paypal has changed
its policy regarding doing business with PTC sites. This means that most
established PTC sites will be looking into other payment processors like
AlertPay, Moneybookers, or E-gold. Be
careful with new PTC sites that advertise that they pay to Paypal because sooner
or later Paypal may review and suspend their accounts, too.

Click here
for more info on

Paypal Problem From what I can see the PTC sites are going in these main

1. Those who will pay with different payment processors :)
For example,
AdverBux, AdverCash, TitanClicks, Clix4Coins,
TurboBux,, Adbux,, PaidClicks
withadollar, hits4bux.

2. Those who try to comply with PayPal's ruling
(not selling referrals etc.). For example
YayClick2. Those who convert
payouts to ads. For example,, Eurocentbux.

3. Those who
reset your account to zero - scam. For example,,,

4. Those who will only pay upgraded member. For example,, Shroomclicks

5. Those who just disappeared - scam

6. Those who pretend that the problem does not exist - may become scam.

April 20 2008: Buddypond not taking in members from China.

April 20 2008: Suspicious stats. It is not possible for a new site to have so many members - 110751.

April 20 2008: Israbux Can they pay? They charge 0.1 cent per click but pays 1 cent per click.

April 20 2008: 101Clix Can they pay? They charge 0.2 cent per click but pays 1 cent per click.

April 20 2008:, Earn3 down for server upgrade.

April 20 2008: Gogobux complaints of no payment and no ads. Gogobux

April 20 2008: Bux2You account suspended. It used Hostgator which does not support PTC sites.

April 20 2008: Sharebux The new owner is Jordan Brown, who is also the owner of Tempscript. Sharebux

April 20 2008: AussieMails Complaint of purchased referrals. AussieMails

April 19 2008: Clix-hits closing down on 30th April. clix-hits

April 19 2008: went through "maintenance" and referrals are gone. clicad

April 19 2008: SnoopyCash you would need to re-register because the 'old' snoopycash is now merged with SimpleStash. snoopycash

April 19 2008: is down.

April 19 2008: Triplebux same owner as which was a scam. triplebux

April 19 2008: Rainingbux, paradiseclicks, buxrusonline are scams and belong to the same owner Todd Vrba. rainingbux

April 19 2008: Complaints about its new owner.

April 19 2008:,, world-bux same owner and almost identical ads.

April 19 2008: message of having to upgrade to be paid is hidden in the cashout page. It has the same owner as, so be careful with that as well.

April 18 2008: BoostBux was hacked. Admin restored 10 days old database. boostbux

April 18 2008: PersianPTC only pays to e-gold at the moment.

April 18 2008 : Be careful. It is on free hosting and the referral link does not work.

April 18 2008: FoxCash Started by the XClix Team.

April 18 2008: Complaint of non-payment. pstuApril 18 2008: Italianbux, ItalianClick You may be banned for putting your referral links in other forums. italianbux

April 18 2008: Honestbux is back. The database is not the latest and so your data may not be up to date. However, you can still click and the info will be merged in later. honestbux

April 18 2008: Makemyclick is gone

April 17 2008: How long can they pay? Charging 0.65 cents per ad but paying 1.25 cents per click.

April 17 2008: Sebasbux is down due to server upgrade.

April 17 2008: Due to a new payment system, all payment requests need to be re-submitted. ubux

April 17 2008: Honestbux down due to server crash. honestbux

April 17 2008: Crewbux Site is up again.

April 16 2008: is affiliated with but does not have many ads. bux3

April 16 2008: Be careful with the cheat link that will erase your balance if you click on it.

April 16 2008: Goldads has been hacked.

April 16 2008: tincity proof to show it belongs to the same owner as buckclix which was a scam. tincity

April 16 2008: You can only request it at 10, 20 and 30th day of the month. At those days its being changed from 5.000 to 5 dollars. (Thanks dj-smasher for the info)

April 16 2008: is now (Thanks insider for the info) ubux

April 16 2008: buxmania, euroclicker, camycosty complaints of non-payment. camycosty

April 16 2008: complaints of non-payment. dailyclicks

April 15 2008: is up again. (Thanks jetje37 & rikkot for the info)

April 15 2008: 1337bux.webspacemania changed to leetbux and the payout page only shows convert to ads. (Thanks namelessblurber for the info)

April 15 2008:, seems to be gone.

April 15 2008: Technobux no longer accept members from China.

April 15 2008: Corebux complaint of non-payment. corebux

April 15 2008: Uronlinebux FAQ - we do not accept users from China right now.

April 15 2008: Honestbux is down due to server crash.

April 15 2008: complaints of non-payment. incomebux

April 14 2008: Lots of complaints.

April 14 2008: IsabelMarco you can now start referring again.

April 14 2008: Snoopycash merging with simplestash. snoopycash

April 14 2008: has a new owner.

April 14 2008: Admin said that ubux is to be reopened and all earnings returned. ubux

April 14 2008:, getpaidbux are gone.

April 14 2008: Slashmysearch complaint of non-payment. slashmysearch

April 14 2008: TOS - Purchased referrals are only for 1 month.

April 14 2008: Payout is $125. (Thanks Corus for the info)

April 14 2008: PacificClicks China, Hong Kong, Taiwan will now be accepted but must have a VERFIED PAYPAL

April 14 2008: Gold5Plus complaint of non-payment. gold5plus

April 14 2008: lots of accusations and confusion. Latest news from Titan Networks.

April 14 2008: is closed.

April 13 2008: Croclix is banning all members from China.

April 13 2008: Triplebux Something fishy. Read this explaination by Sabbie. triplebux

April 13 2008: Beware. It is on free host and yet supposedly pay $1 per click and $99.99 payout. (Thanks Subho1 for the info)

April 13 2008: the new owner is closing the site and passing it back to the previous owner.

April 13 2008: do not take in members from China.

April 13 2008: Neobux currently at prelaunch. No ads to click. neobux

April 13 2008: Bux3, Worldbux, Money-cycler Complaint of non-payment. bux3

April132008: Rockbux Beware. It is on free hosting.

April 13 2008: Xclix People from China are allowed in again.

April 13 2008: Rainingbux, paradiseclicks, buxrusonline seems to be gone.

April 13 2008: Honestbux, Xclix are up again.April 13 2008: Boostbux is down due to server upgrade. boostbux

April 12 2008: Dreambux Be careful. Its owner is only 14 years old. dreambux

April 12 2008: is changing domain to In the meantime, use this link

April 12 2008: Technobux is in the process of moving host to

April 12 2008: Honestbux is down. Could be due to server attack.

April 12 2008: has changed into, and seems to be gone. (Thanks bayoujim for the info)

April 12 2008: "From now on to receive payments, it is compulsory for all members to join forums and to have at least one post, but no spamming please". (Thanks Hieronymus for the info)

April 12 2008: Beware. It is on free hosting.

April 12 2008: Clixearn a new site started by masterbux.

April 12 2008: is for sale.

April 12 2008: ClickVoid suppose to have changed owner, but it is suspected that it is still the same owner as velocityclicks which was a scam. clickvoid

April 12 2008: Adbux is going to pay by profit sharing. adbux

April 12 2008: has changed ownership and no longer belong to the TitanCash network. It is also in the process of changing server.

April 12 2008: BlueDragonClix deleted members' accounts. bluedragonclix

April 12 2008: problems with payment.

April 12 2008: Xclix message from the admin that there is a problem with the login.April 12 2008: Eurocentbux is gone.

April 11 2008: is now

April 11 2008: Master-clicks is up again.April 11 2008: Complaints of non-payment.

April 11 2008: Payingbux complaint of non-payment. payingbux

April 10 2008: SnoopyCash is down. snoopycash

April 10 2008: Buxone They charge $0.01 cent for adverts, but pay $0.06 per click and $0.10 for premium. How long can they pay? (Thanks Edd for the info) It also has the same owner as ptr-hun which was a scam. buxone

April 10 2008: Aussiemails You would need to click 100 clicks in 1 week in order to access payout page. aussiemails

April 10 2008: VelocityClicks selling the site, but did not pay its members. velocityclicks

April 10 2008: did not receive paid for referrals since 28th March (Thanks harmar for the info)

April 10 2008: Crewbux is now and payout changed from $2 to $5.

April 10 2008: is suspended.April 9 2008: Can't be true - Started on March 31 and already has 11589 members. goodbux

April 9 2008: Onlybux Upgrade and referrals not received after payment. onlybux

April 9 2008: Boostbux has deleted all members from ChinaApril 9 2008: has the "losing referral" problem.

April 9 2008: Be careful. Its trying to use the name of the site

April 9 2008: Master-clicks Site is down. No news from admin. master-clicks

April 9 2008: Buxdotcom complaints of non-payment. buxdotcom

April 9 2008: Xclix China is not allowed to enter xclix for a couple of days till they change to a new server due to a massive attack to their server yesterday with several chinese ips.

April 8 2008: Extrabux Beware. Another free hosting site

April 8 2008: SimpleClicker Be careful. It went down sometime ago without paying and is now up again. simpleclicker

April 8 2008: VipBux errors due to updating of servers. vipbux

April 8 2008: Masterbux is down for server upgrade.April 8 2008: is on free hosting. Be careful.

April 8 2008: is down. No news from admin.

April 8 2008: has changed its server to incomebux

April 8 2008: Buxup seems to have the same owner as which was a scam. buxup

April 8 2008: Cash-linkz problems with ads solved. Thanks gilmour1 for the info.

April 8 2008: Extreme-bux is back, but it is up for sale. Thanks rdashman for the info. extreme-bux

April 8 2008: Gpmptc only paying to European countries

April 7 2008: EarnBux same owner as which is gone without paying. Earnbux

April 7 2008: same owner as coinclicks which was a scam. Fruitclicks

April 7 2008: same owner as which was a scam. X-buxApril 7 2008: DirectBux same owner as agebux which was a scam. directbux

April 7 2008: Realbuxs, MatrixBux Be careful. They are on free hosting.

April 7 2008: BotClicks "1 Million Link Credits Special! $2.50" seems a bit ridiculous

April 7 2008: Croclix no more referring, you will need to buy referrals. croclix

April 7 2008: Wolfbux, Bux4money Complaints of non-payment. wolfbux

April 6 2008: Complaints of non-payment.

April 6 2008: Crewbux will be down for server upgrade. crewbuxApril 6 2008: UrOnlineBux Problem with referrals' info solved.

April 6 2008: 5bux Admin cheated with proof of payment.

April 6 2008: ClixMania Complaints of no ads and no payments. clixmania

April 6 2008: is gone.April 6 2008: Blackbux They charge 0.54 cents for adverts, but pay 2.5 cents per click (include referral). How are they going to pay?April 6 2008: Online4ads complaints of non-payment. online4ads

April 6 2008: PTtracker reset members' earnings to 0. pttracker

April 6 2008: more complaints about non-payment. buxit

April 6 2008: changed from $0.025 to $0.01 per click. Cashout only for upgraded members (starting April 7). Thanks arlynda for the info.

April 6 2008: Masterbux is up again for some people. masterbux

April 6 2008: Iclickclub a site with suspicious claims - $56923 paid, 42000 members, 100 ads a day. Thanks moolameow for the info.

April 6 2008: They charge 0.6 cents for adverts, but pay 3 cents per click. How are they going to pay?

April 5 2008: MadeinClicks complaints of non-payment. madeinclicks

April 5 2008: Buxmania is back on this link

April 5 2008: GloboClicks Cashout is only for premium members.

April 5 2008: ClickPay is up again

April 5 2008: do not pay. It is ads only site.

April 5 2008: Uberbux has the same owner as and which were all scams. Do not join and be careful with your Paypal accounts. (Thanks Sabbie for the info) uberbux

April 5 2008: Greatbux email and tickets to admin are not answered. Inconsistent number of ads. greatbux

April 5 2008: Buxto Server update - forum may not be accessible.April 4 2008: Buxone down due to ddos attack.

April 4 2008: Extreme-ads, World-bux You are losing referrals. Your id does not appear in the referral field even when your referral link is used. (Thanks Stalky for the info) world-bux

April 4 2008: Cash-linkz problems with viewing ads.

April 4 2008: Blackbux Be careful. They are paying too high per click compared to what they charge to advertise for each click.April 4 2008:,, has the same owner as coinclicks which was a scam. crabclicks

April 4 2008: Cashoutclix down due to hosting changes.April 4 2008: some ads pay and some ads do not.

April 4 2008: Voobux complaints of no ads. voobux

April 4 2008: isbux Complaints of non payment. isbux

April 4 2008: no longer have supported ads for free members and so only one or two ads per day.

April 3 2008: Triplebux Mismatch of referral info. triplebux

April 3 2008: BoostBux not changing to ads only but reduce value of clicks. boostbux

April 3 2008: IncomeBux Paypal account limited. Members waiting for payment. incomebux

April 3 2008: Croclix is up again.

April 3 2008: Rosebux, Allstarbux almost no ads.

April 2 2008: Click4ads do not pay. It is an Ads only site.

April 2 2008: Boostbux may be changing to Ads only site, boostbux

April 2 2008: buxmania, euroclicker, camycosty are down. Could be due to server upgrades.

April 2 2008: Adbux relaunch with new features in May and will start paying only in June.

April 2 2008: TechnoBux Be careful. It is on free domain.

April 2 2008: Andreiuk Admin sent email to say that he can't pay. andreiuk

April 1 2008: Vipbux do not allow members from China.April 1 2008: Yayclicks almost no ads to click. (Thanks Phreakish for the info)

April 1 2008: Be careful. The site was hacked and paying 7 cents per referral click is too good to be true.

April 1 2008: Croclix site is down.

April 1 2008: Popularbux site and forum seemed to be abandoned.

April 1 2008: Mypayscript I requested for withdrawal to Paypal. The withdrawal was denied and my money is gone.

Latest Updates and Reviews - March 2008

These are not necessarily scams, but information that may be useful.

March 31 2008: 365jobs4u complaints of non-payment. 365jobs4u

March 31 2008: Tincity suspected to have the same owner as buckclix which was a scam. (Thanks BRL for the info) tincity

March 31 2008: Conceptbux Be careful. It is on free domain.

March 31 2008: server down, should be back up soon. clickpay

March 31 2008: Adbux complaints of non-payment and very few ads. adbux

March 31 2008: Extreme-bux seems to be gone.

March 31 2008: BoostBux is closing down. (They had this message on their site briefly, but it seemed to be removed)

March 30 2008: dafbux has the same owner as arabbux and mdbux which disappeared without paying. (Thanks Sabbie for the info)

March 30 2008:,, are paying via AlertPay again.March 30 2008: Tiserbux seems to be gone.

March 30 2008: HKbux Admin says that he has no money and cannot pay, but the site is still running and taking in unsuspecting members. hkbux

March 30 2008: does not pay. It is for advertising only.

March 30 2008: IsabelMarco "There is no more referring. You'll get paid $0.012 ($0,017 for premium) for your own clicks and $0.007 ($0,013 for premium) for your referrals' clicks".

March 30 2008: your account will be deleted if you are inactive for more than 30 days. ptczone

March 30 2008: TiktikCash has a payout of $100. Not quite feasible. tiktikcash

March 29 2008: Mypayscript is up again under new management.

March 29 2008: LatinPTC networks is up again.

March 29 2008: not accepting members from China as standard members.March 29 2008: Triplebux problems with surfing ads. Admin said that the problem will be fixed soon.

March 29 2008: Crewbux site is up again. They had some hosting problems. crewbux

March 29 2008:, camycosty Be aware that you only get 0.1 cent and not 1 cent from your referrals' clicks. euroclickers

March 29 2008: Clicksempire I get this warning from Google when I try to visit the site. "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!"

March 29 2008: TOS says $10 min. payout but cashout page says $20. It also has the "losing referral" problem.

March 29 2008: Croclix removed the anti-cheat system so that it can slso run on IE.

March 29 2008: Plusbux Payout is now $5 instead of $2.

March 29 2008: Armybux when I try to visit the site, I get ths message from Google. "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!"

March 29 2008: DailyClicks paymemts taking longer than 30 working days for premium members. For free members, it will take at least 60 working days and on August 06, 2008, the min. will be $20. dailyclick

March 29 2008: Dollarcornerbux Be careful. Using free hosting.

March 29 2008: Earn3 belongs to the same owner as clicksia.

March 28 2008: Hkbux Owner shutting down the site. "For anyone who have $10+, they will get paid with $1 and the rest, you can convert to ads.

"March 28 2008: seems to be gone.March 28 2008: PBCash added to the watch list of gptboycott.

March 28 2008: Ugains added to boycott list of gptboycott.

March 28 2008: Maidenclick complaints of non-payment. maidenclick

March 28 2008: sincity, mexclicks, clickosaurus, fantasyptc, crazyptc, latinptc from the LatinPTC network is down. Admin said problem will be fixed soon.

March 28 2008: is closed. Admin plans to reopen it around April 14.

March 28 2008: does not say how much you will be paid for your referrals' clicks.

March 27 2008: ProwlingPanther server upgrade completed.

March 27 2008: Buxhome complaints of non-payment. buxhome

March 27 2008: Mypayscript having problems with FBI. mypayscriptMarch 27 2008: Stormofcash selling fake referrals. stormofcash

March 27 2008: Xclix is now back to at least 12 ads, but the payout has been raised to $10.

March 27 2008: KoopLinks, PTC-House, MakoCashFlow, EnergyClick, MNMbux which are part of the gptnetwork seems to be changing their ads into points.

March 27 1008: Croclix due to their new anti-cheat counter, you will need to use firefox if you want to be credited. They are working to fix the problem for IE.

March 26 2008: has been hacked. Seems to be everything gone. mybux

March 26 2008: Croclix all China members will be paid, including free members. Free members payout in 24 working days and premium members in 10 working days. croclix

March 26 2008: gogobux complaints of non-payment. gogobux

March 26 2008: alertpay I have just received a check from them. Yeah!March 26 2008: complaint of non-payment. surfpay

March 25 2008:,,,,,,,, added to the uronlinebiz scam list

March 25 2008: HKbux payout option is disabled. "Payment will open up again when we finish the script upgraded." Also, complaints of non-payment.

March 25 2008: World-bux is affiliated with Bux3

March 25 2008: Earn3 is not affiliated with Bux3

March 25 2008: will be down for server updates.

March 25 2008: owner is said to be 15 years old. They also did not pay me. Lots of complaints in the forum.

March 25 2008: Goldclicks uses free domain. Be careful.

March 25 2008: AdverCash all pending payments for upgraded members have been paid

March 24 2008: AlertPay Some issues involving paying to bank accounts. alertpay (Thanks Bouketos for the info)

March 24 2008: Previous owner said to have sold it, but it is not clear who the new owner is.

March 24 2008; Isabelmarco having problems with referrals. Members are asked to stop referring. isabelmarco

March 24 2008: admin seemed to have abandoned site and forum.

March 24 2008: Dailyclicks complaints of non-payment and forum redirects to dailyclickspro. dailyclicks

March 24 2008: Plusbux was up and now down again.

March 24 2008: Turbobux at least 15 ads a day.

March 24 2008: Chuck wrote in the reader's feedback that he paid for referrals but did not receive any. There are also complaints of non-payments from others.

March 23 2008: Minbux losing referral problem is fixed.

March 23 2008: Xclix temporary 4 clicks a day to clear payout. Will return to 12+ ads soon.

March 23 2008; Moratraffic, Morachat is gone. Admin is said to be very sick.

March 23 2008: Bux3 Payout is now up to 30 business days for premium and 60 for free members.

March 23 2008: HKbux Be careful. The clicks have lots of redirection which could hang your PC.

March 23 2008: Buxdotcom Payout is now 20 business days for standard members.

March 23 2008: Happy Easter Everyone.Jesus said, "No one can have greater love than to give his life for his friends.

" March 22 2008: is down due to server upgrade. buxmania

March 22 2008: Apple Patch Diet They pay you $25, but the minimum payout is $100. You will also have to pay $29.95 to sign-up. apple patch diet

March 22 2008: AcidClickz has the same owner as clickzvault.

March 22 2008: Minbux has the "losing referral problem". Admin says that he will try to fix it.

March 22 2008: Adstab Activation code may take a few days to come.March 22 2008: Excelentbux, Topbux Admin sold the sites. Money gone?

March 22 2008: seems to be hacked. Revenge? (read update march 20)

March 22 2008;, Intearn, Plusbux are down. No news from the admins.

March 21 2008: Complaints of non-payments. buxit

March 21 2008: Rainingbux Not specified clearly how much you will earn from your referrals' clicks.

March 21 2008: Buxplus Suppose to payout on the March 15, but some members are still waiting. (Also, look at update March 14)

March 21 2008: TheRichCash complaints of late payment and the forum seems aban

doned.March 20 2008: Owner accused of hacking into the site of andreiuk

March 20 2008: Your account will be deleted without warning if you are inactive for more than 5 days.

March 20 2008: BuxtoAds All earnings are for advertising purposes.

March 20 2008: Cash-linkz Payment canceled due to referral using auto-clickers. Strange because how can you control what your referrals do. cash-linkz

March 20 2008: camycosty, buxmania & euroclickers which are part of the buxmania network do not allow for referral exchanges. buxmania

March 20 2008: Active-clickers You must upgrade to get paid.

March 20 2008: site is gone due to hackers.

March 20 2008: do not pay. It is an ads only site.

March 20 2008: is back, but site has been hacked and all previous members deleted.

March 20 2008: DailyClicks Premium Members will be paid within 30 business days. Free Members will be paid within 60 business days.

March 20 2008: Incomebux is on free domain ( Be careful.

March 20 2008: LibertyBux Complaints of non-paymant. libertybux

March 20 2008: Payflick 80% of the surf and click system have been converted to traffic exchange and all referral-earned cash have been removed.

March 19 2008: site and forum abandoned by admin.

March 19 2008; HonestBux is running again.

March 19 2008: VelocityClicks sets members' accounts to paid but money is not received.

March 18 2008: Bee-Gold website is up again.

March 18 2008: same owner as spainbux and which were all scams. strawberryclick

March 18 2008: A new PTC started by the owner of TurboBux.March 18 2008: is gone.

March 18 2008: Chalepsclicks, oldgezzerclicks, countryjunkyard, Kentuckybux are down due to hosting problems. Chalepsclicks

March 18 2008: deleted all its members.

March 17 2008: IppoMails boycotted by gptboycott.

March 17 2008: DreamClix,, seems to be gone.

March 17 2008: is gone? Seems to be on free hosting.

March 17 2008: Be careful. Paying 3 cents per click and 6 cents per click for premium members is definitely too good to be true.

March 17 2008: ClickoSaurus, Honestbux, are down due to ddos attack. Sites should be back up soon. LatinNetwork

March 16 2008: upgraded to a faster script and increased referrals earnings. 10bux.netMarch 16 2008: Bee-gold website is down or gone?

March 16 2008: having problems with Paypal. buxmania

March 16 2008: Adstab seems to remove referrals and earnings. adstab

March 16 2008: seems to pay some and don't pay some.

March 6 2008: Cash-linkz if someone uses your referral link, but click on some other page before registering he/she would NOT be registered as your referral.

March 15 2008: VelocityClicks exposed as scam. velocityclicks (Thanks Morris for the info)

March 15 2008: Clickvoid is closing down. clickvoid

March 7 2008: needs to close down because of copyright issues with the site Very sad indeed, since Ibux is a good and honest PTC site. ibux

March 7 2008: WorldTrafficManager problems with payout. worldtrafficmanager

March 7 2008: error with clicks and now the site is gone instantads

March 6 2008: Cash-linkz if someone uses your referral link, but click on some other page before registering he/she would NOT be registered as your referral.

March 6 2008:,, Fantasyptc, Latinbux, PaidclickWorld, SouthernClicks which are part of the LatinPTC Network now requires Asian members to a verified Paypal account before they can be paid. latinptc-network

March 6 2008: do not pay. TOS "Latin PTC is an Ad only site we do not pay out Cash. All monies Earned are to be used for Advertising on our site. Anyone Soliciting the payment will have the funds forfeited as a donation to the site

March 6 2008: uses a free domain and incomplete TOS "You must accumulate at least $ before payment will be issued"

March 6 2008:, KingofPTC are some of the sites that belong to Jeffery Johnson who have been accused of closing down members' accounts. clickpromotion

March 6 2008: master-clicks In the FAQ "Yes, you have to be a premium member to cash out." (5.99 $/month)March 6 2008: Click4bux is gone

March 6 2008: Buxdotcom delayed payments. buxdotcom

March 5 2008: When I tested it, the referrer field is empty even when a referral link is used. You will be losing referrals with this one.March 5 2008: do not pay. They are ads only. violencebux

March 5 2008: is advertised on which is a

March 5 2008: complaints of virus and non-payments. kingbuxMarch 5 2008: VelocityClicks upgrading its server. velocityclicks

March 4 2008: AdverCash, TitanClicks you can now request payments through AlertPay.

March 4 2008: Evobuxs reset members' account to 0. evobuxs-ptctalk

March 4 2008: site suspendedMarch 4 2008: complaints of non-payment slashmyserach-moneymakergroup

March 4 2008: complaints of delayed payments moneybux-ptctalk

March 3 2008: Mybizs, Ubizs complaints of delayed payments. mybizs-getpaidforum

March 3 2008: DiamondPtr change of ownership and reset members' accounts to 0.

March 3 2008: not using Paypal anymore. They will refund all payments made in Paypal

March 3 2008: Bux3 changed from paypal to alertpay. Payout time is now 45-60 days.

March 2 2008: Buxsense Delayed payments and at least $5 to conert to ads. buxsense-ptctalk

March 2 2008: .SimpleStash TOS "You must be Simplestash Verified(SSV), in order to cashout. SSV costs $1.50 and is payable before your first cashout

March 2 2008: Profbux be careful of virus. profbux-ptctalk

March 2 2008: Megabux admin from megabux accused of hacking into accounts. megabux-ptctalk

March 2 2008: DreamCatcherAds only pay members from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States.

March 2 2008: suppose to start paying in March, but the site is down.

March 1 2008: do not pay. It is now changed to an ads only ptc.

March 1 2008: VelocityClicks seemed to have IP banned some countries. velocityclicks-ptctalk

March 1 2008: Be careful of virus. coinmachine-talkptc

March 1 2008:, uses free hosting. Not recommended since owners can't even afford to pay for hosting.

March 1 2008: is hosted on Hostgator, but PTC sites is against Hostgator TOS. excelentbux-ptctalk

Feb 29 2008: down since Feb 20. No information from admin. agebux-ptctalk

Feb 29 2008: changed script: accounts reset and referrals lost.

Feb 29 2008:,,,, sites that can be harmful for your computer (list obtained from talkptc)

Feb 28 2008: is up again after changing from "aurora style" to "bux style" script xclix-ptctalk

Feb 28 2008: is the new domain name for excelentbux

Feb 27 2008: could be owned by a teenager and promoting porn links !! zxclicks-talkptc

Feb 27 2008: do not pay. TOS "All earnings are for advertising purposes. This is an ad only site. Requesting payout is violation of terms and can lead to termination.

Feb 27 2008: Myster-e-mail, Twisted-Clickers are closing down. Myster-e-mail-uronlinebiz

Feb 27 2008: 1 ad a day and can't cashout 2bux-TalkPTC

Feb 27 2008: may have virus. Be careful -TalkPTC

Feb 27 2008: TalkPTC a new forum to discuss about PTC issues.

Feb 26 2008: AdverBux paying via AlertPay and Paypal. Paying via Paypal may be temporary or permanent adverbux forum

Feb 26 2008: seems to have the same owner as ptr-hun which was a scam buxone-talkptc

Feb 26 2008: is now Their site was hacked and payments were delayed. cash2all-ptctalk

Feb 26 2008: Beware. 4 cents per click is too high, uses free domain, problems with referrals.

Feb 26 2008: Be careful. It is trying to use the name of the established site

Feb 26 2008: do not pay TOS "This site is ADS ONLY!"Feb 26 2008: seems to be gone buxland

Feb 26 2008: TOS does not indicate how they will pay "All payments are made via and no other payment method is being used at this time.

Feb 26 2008: paypal's account is closed clickpay forum

Feb 26 2008: The admin has now removed requirement for a photo ID (read update Feb 25), but I have missed the dateline to be paid on the 25th. I get the feeling that I have been cheated.

Feb 26 2008: Hitcoop the points to cash conversion has dropped to 10 points for $0.001

Feb 26 2008: Utopiabux is now changed to

Feb 25 2008: Velocityclicks, info to show that velocityclicks and clickvoid may belong to the same owner as icashout which was a scam. velocityclicks-ptctalk

Feb 25 2008: is asking for photo ID before payment. Beware of identity theft

Feb 24 2008: did not pay its members as promised in the TOS. They now say that they will pay on the 25th.

Feb 24 2008: did not pay its members as promised in the TOS. They now say that they will pay on the 25th.

Feb 23 2008: XtremePTC, BuxSurf, EgClick, Dr.Bux, KingBux, LuoBux, Buxland, Spedbux are in the list of recently hijacked sites. Be careful. hijacked-sites-uronlinebiz

Feb 22 2008: member's account hijacked. Try to use different passwords for your PTC sites. bux3-ptctalk

Feb 21 2008: Clix4Coins has changed its earning system. It is now based on points and profit sharing. This could mean that each click could be worth very little. Click4Coins

Feb 21 2008: beware of any emails that is supposedly from asking for your info and password. Do not reply. It is a phishing mail.

Feb 21 2008: another one closed due to paypal problems or is it just an excuse. ptctalk-easyclicks

Feb 21 2008: complaints of non-payment

Feb 20 2008: ClickVery closed due to paypal problems (temporary?)

Feb 20 2008:, Dr.Bux,, Luobux, Buxland contain virus links uronlinebiz-xtremeptc

Feb 20 2008: classified as scam by uronlinebiz for virus links and trojans. uronlinebiz-xtremeptc

Feb 20 2008: Commercial Earnings closing down due to hacking problems? uronlinebiz-commercialearnings

Feb 20 2008: LatinPTC Networks attacked by hackers, but no problems with payouts ptctalk-latinPTC

Feb 20 2008: EasyAdBucks is back

Feb 20 2008: Agebux, masterbux are paying again.

Feb 19 2008: now pays via AlertPay instead of via Paypal.

Feb 19 2008: the $0.02 minimum payout is only for upgraded members to be paid to e-gold accounts. ptctalk-hansterclicks

Feb 19 2008: Clix4Coins changing earnings system. clix4coins-forum

Feb 19 2008: is gone

Feb 19 2008: complaints of non-payment ptctalk-kingsbux

Feb 19 2008: having mysql error. ptctalk-dailyclicks

Feb 19 2008: complaints of non-payment ptctalk-cash2all

Feb 19 2008: unable to access members' area. ptctalk-instantad

Feb 18 2008: is in the process of upgarding its server.

Feb 18 2008: do not pay. It is an ads exchange site.

Feb 18 2008: AdverCash and TitanClicks now pay via AlertPay as wellFeb 18 2008: Clickosaurus raised payout from .10 to .50Feb 18 2008: Rapidbux be careful of cheat links. You may lose $1

Feb 16 2008: Wolfbux now at
wolfbux.cnFeb 16 2008: Clickvery members' accounts missing

Feb 15 2008: Be careful. It is on a free host and complaints of non-payments ptctalk-keybux

Feb 15 2008: upgrading its server? Also refer to update Feb 12 ptctalk-agebux

Feb 14 2008: Be careful with PTC/PTR sites that are hosted by getpaidsolutions uronlinebiz-getpaidsolutions

Feb 14 2008: Spainbux account suspended

Feb 13 2008: complaints of delayed payments. ptctalk-cashpaid4traffic

Feb 13 2008: PayPal funds freeze plan draws fire An interesting article by CNN that shows that Paypal is freezing the funds of others and not only PTC sites. cnn-paypal-fund-freeze

Feb 13 2008: Uniearn uses free domain and needs a $2 per month membership fee.

Feb 12 2008:,,, have the same owner. Coinclicks is a known scam and so be careful about the others. Info given by Sabbie at ibux-strawberryclicks

Feb 12 2008: using free domain and old bux scipt. Be careful.

Feb 12 2008: was hacked and accounts deleted. Be careful.Feb 12 2008: complaints of delayed payment at their forum agebux-forum

Feb 12 2008: paymemts halted.

Feb 12 2008: .DailyClicks changed server due to spam problem

Feb 12 2008: Online4Ads you need to upgrade to be paid.

Feb 11 2008: is a virus site. Stay away! uronlinebiz-everyrich

Feb 11 2008: was hacked. Used the vulnerable yourownbux script (update 5 Feb) uronlinebiz-spedbux

Feb 11 2008: clickosaurus, LatinPTC network is down due to server problems.

Feb 11 2008: is back under new management. Make sure you use the new referral link

Feb 11 2008: Icashout, Probux Don't click on any ads that lead to icashout or probux. It will give you an error page that won't close. ptctalk-probux-icashout

Feb 11 2008: Buxzone advertising adult sites and not paying members ptctalk-buxzone

Feb 10 2008: added to watch list of gptboycott

Feb 10 2008: paypal's account is limited again.

Feb 10 2008: suspendedFeb 10 2008: ignore the email that says that you have won $400. It is a phising email to get your personal info.

Feb 9 2008: BuxDotCom another abandoned site ptctalk-buxdotcom

Feb 9 2008: Popularbux, Trafficbux Delaying payment due to paypal problems, but admin is not answering emails ptctalk-popularbux

Feb 9 2008: Be aware of this in the terms "You CANNOT pay a PTC site to promote your referral link through their "Surf Ads" page." yayclick-news

Feb 8 2008: each click may be worth very little ptctalk-hitcoop

Feb 7 2008: Not sustainable ptctalk-busit

Feb 7 2008: Be careful, members
complaining about payouts and admin is not responding

Feb 6 2008: $0.00 per link
clicked, minimum payout is $100000000 !!

Feb 6 2008: you would need to
be a premium member to be paid.

Feb 6 2008: AdsNeed, ClickToTheMagic,
DailyClicks, ExtraHolidayCashGPT added to the watch list of

Feb 5 2008: YourOwnbux scipt Beware! Owners
and members of sites using yourownbux script. The writer of the script have
added code that will allow him to have admin access.
ptctalk-yourownbux, ptctalk-yourownbux-adminAn eg. of a
site that uses yourownbux script is ezyclickz. Be careful with sites that has
this look.

Feb 5 2008: you will only be paid
for clicks that are done after the launch, which is Feb 18.

Feb 5 2008: hacked into the
email system of

Feb 5 2008: Adbux trying to clear pending
payments. New payment requests halted until June 1st.

Feb 5 2008: has changed its
payment processor from AlertPay to Moneybookers.

Feb 5 2008: has been hacked ezyclickz/forum

Feb 4 2008:, do not
pay. TOS 5) This is only Convert ADS site, I don´t payout.

Feb 4 2008: AdverCash you can now request
payout by check. Make sure that your address is entered as it should appear on
the envelope.

Feb 4 2008: gives 50% referral
commission and not the advertised 75%

Feb 4 2008: has discontinued its
business citing Paypal problems.

Feb 3 2008: is back and will
pay via AlertPay

Feb 3 2008: need to upgrade to get
paid and Google gives the message that the site may harm your

Feb 3 2008: has been hacked
and everything is gone.

Feb 3 2008: each click is now
$0.001 instead of $0.01

Feb 2 2008: deleting
members' account

Feb 2 2008: and added to the watch list of 2 2008:,, beware of these sites

Feb 2 2008: is a scam according to RedNeckPTC

Feb 2 2008: do not pay. FAQ - All earnings are for advertising purposes.

Feb 2 2008: Coolcatmails be careful of an email that asks you to download a program to receive payment. It
could be a keylogger

Feb 1 2008: YayClick will be down for server
upgrade sometime in the next 24 hrs.

Feb 1 2008: obviously
trying to make use of's name

Feb 1 2008: McAfee SiteAdvisor
gave this warning "Feedback from credible users suggests that downloads on this
site may contain what some people would consider adware, spyware, or other
potentially unwanted programs."

Feb 1 2008: paid me in
spite of the paypal problems

Jan 31 2008: is using a
pirated script

Jan 31 2008: do not pay. TOS 5) This is only Convert ADS site, I don´t payout.

Jan 30 2008: CrazyPTC Trojan Horse virus found and site

Jan 30 2008: is the new domain of Be aware of the TOS "Free Members are only allowed to make 1
Withdrawal Request per time. If more than one is found your account will lose
the money that you requested plus a one week suspension. Payments may Take Up to
30 days to complete during high pay volumes. You must be ClickzVault Verified in
order to get paid (this is a $4.00 fee that has to be made by paypal or egold,
No Exceptions!)."

Jan 30 2008: owner seemed to have
abandoned site after the paypal problem

Jan 30 2008: Recall my comments on Jan 3 2008 to be careful. The site is now
gone. I am usually suspicious about sites that need to do a prelaunch.

Jan 30 2008: paid me in spite of the paypal problems

Jan 29 2008: said that they are approved by Paypal because they do not sell referrals. Instead, you can cashout your earnings or trade in for referrals.

Jan 29 2008: and are both back online after server
upgrades. They are now paying by AlertPay.

Jan 29 2008: Extreme Ads Matrix Club: You may get nothing for your money

Jan 29 2008: Eurocentbux has informed its members to convert all
earnings to ads and accounts will be reset to zero next week.

Jan 28 2008: AdverBux You can now submit cashout requests again.

Jan 28 2008: have changed their payout time; 30 business days for paid members and 60 business days for free members.

Jan 28 2008: have changed their payment processor to AlertPay (This was not what they said yesterday, read update Jan 27 2008)

Jan 27 2008: After setting the members' accounts to zero, and getting a lot of complaints they are starting to restore back the accounts. Can we trust them
not to do it again and to also pay?

Jan 27 2008: ProfitCycler is an example of HYIP. Read here to find out about HYIP and why they cannot last.
hyip-scam If you think that my scam
list is long, have a look at this HYIP scam list

Jan 27 2008: says that Paypal allowed them to contiune using PayPal. Not
possible. PTC sites that have been around for years are rejected whereas a new
site is accepted.

Jan 26 2008: redirects to bux3. was a scam so be careful about bux3. Also read update Jan 22.

Jan 26 2008: most likely a scam ptctalk/hawkbux

Jan 26 2008: has changed its terms; you cannot cashout only exchange for
ads. Google also gave the warning that this site may harm your computer!

Jan 25 2008: Eurocentbux has temporarily changed its terms; you cannot
cashout only exchange for ads.

Jan 25 2008: How to not get scammed? Read this.

Jan 25 2008: seems to have the same owner as
which is a scam.

Jan 25 2008: Adbux is changing from Paypal to Alertpay.

Jan 25 2008:, Moonbux have reset their members' accounts to
zero giving the same paypal excuse as DailyClicks. They are scams.

Jan 23 2008: Cash4offers check the payment terms carefully

Jan 23 2008: need to upgrade to be paid
(check the payout page)

Jan 23 2008: also having problems
with paypal

Jan 23 2008: hits4bux is now using MoneyBookers, Alert Pay,
E-gold, and Liberty Reserve.

Jan 23 2008: Beware - it
is trying to make use of the name of the established site

Jan 23 2008: Withadollar paying via moneybookers instead of paypal.

Jan 23 2008: ShroomClicks need to be upgraded member to be paid.

Jan 23 2008: accounts being reviewed by paypal. Will also be
shutting down soon for server upgrade.

Jan 22 2008:
changed to and reset all accounts to 0 giving the excuse of
paypal problems. It is a scam

Jan 22 2008: Bux3 Be careful of the owner

Jan 22 2008: has been hacked

Jan 22 2008: LinksBux,, PaidBux, EarnClick, SpainBux,, ArabBux, MDBux,,, EarnBux, are on the watch list of PTCTalk

Jan 22 2008: Daddybux given a rating of 2

Jan 22 2008: read this before joining

Jan 22 2008: AdverCash, TitanClicks paid me today in
spite of the paypal problems. Bravo to them!

Jan 22 2008: TurboBux.US Beware - I think that they are trying to make use of the name of the established

Jan 22 2008: do not pay. TOS 5) All earnings are used for advertising purposes
only. There is no cash value, all payment requests will be void.

Jan 21 2008: Ponzi and Pyramid schemes what are they and why they will fail

Jan 21 2008:, may be paying via AlertPay.

Jan 21 2008: DailyClicks, Clix4coins, accounts are also being
reviewed by

Jan 21 2008: EasyCashBux do not pay. TOS 5) We do not make
any payouts. Our site is for ads only.

Jan 21 2008: Hits4bux is no longer paying with paypal.

Jan 20 2008: TheRichCash,, accounts are also being reviewed by paypal.

Jan 20 2008: Advercash, TitanClicks, TurboBux payouts may
be delayed because their paypal account is being reviewed

Jan 20 2008: Adbux some info as to why the site is down.

Jan 20 2008: Adverbux payouts may be delayed a few days because their
paypal account is being reviewed forum.

Jan 20 2008: having problems with paypal account,
may pay by e-gold instead

Jan 20 2008:,,,,, added to
the scam list. Info obtained from

Jan 20 2008: added to the watch list of PTCTalk

Jan 20 2008: added to the watch list of PTCTalk

Jan 19 2008: no payment proofs although they claim to have paid $915,744,4844.0.html

Jan 18 2008:

=> Uronlinebiz videos on scams
and phishing check the youtube videos below

=> ClixnCash has a new
owner Jamie Doyle

=> PTCTalk is up again after a change of server.

=> ProjectPayDay you might lose money instead of make money.